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Mia is a camera-shy, largely self-taught, visual artist residing in Northern California. She uses a mix of multiple art media to create her pieces, and dabbles in photography and digital art.

Other than art, she loves puzzles, books (true-crime, thrillers, science fiction, medical mysteries, and history), collecting vintage cameras, podcasts, museums, violin, bike-riding, and traveling. Mia is a firm believer in art therapy and creates both abstract and realism work.


Her abstract work feature leaves and leaf patterns heavily. This obsession began after a near-fatal car accident. She was bed-ridden for a chunk of time and her cognitive-heavy hobbies were out of the question - she has a brain injury, physical injuries, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. With help, she was able to pour herself back into her artwork that in previous years had taken a backseat as she focused on tackling career goal after career goal in the healthcare industry.

When it comes to her abstract work, she enjoys the freedom of being able to "free-flow." She finds the process very much akin to meditation entangled with play. With regards to her realism work done in pastel, along with her color drawings and studies, she aims to get better with expressing the feeling of the moment. She used to aim for ultra faithful rendering, but has realized, through conversing with other artists, that in actuality she was aiming to express the feeling of the moment but was unable to pin down how. This is a life-long goal that she is happy to keep pursuing.


Outside of the studio, she is often found taking reference photos wherever she goes, and has been nicknamed as the group/family historian with how camera trigger-happy she is. She is also very fond of tending to her numerous plants and caring for her and her spouse's children, a pair of black short-haired cats named Loki and Freya. 

If you would like to support her work, she currently has the following online shops: One is on RedBubble, the other is on Society6, and another is on Threadless.  Links and previews to them can be found at the section labeled “Shops.” She plans on eventually opening a self-managed and self-fulfilled shop here in the site to make it easier to sell originals. Stay tuned! Her Amazon Wishlist is public and she always welcomes help with obtaining materials should you be so inclined.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces seen on this site, please feel free to reach out!

Mia is a proud UCLA Alumnus who someday hopes to become a professional artist, but for now, she is happy just Creating For Sake Of The Endorphin Rush.


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